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Mainsy, Dec 14, 10 6:17 AM.
If you would like to join us on the voice server please go to and download the client.

  • Then make and account
  • The click on the voice tab, followed by add and search for Brotherhood of Shadows.
  • It will then prompt you for a password which is "banana".
Brotherhood of Shadows is a social Alliance leveling and end game raiding guild. We will help each other with leveling characters, professions and anything else that is needed. Below is a breakdown of the guild structure.

Guild heroics and raids will be at the following times. These will be updated on the in game calender for upcoming events.

19:30 - 23:30 realm time


Guild Leader
- We do not have one Guild Leader. We have a Warlords Council that controls our progression.

Warlords- Every Warlord has a role. They are in charge of some part of the guild and the functionality of it. There will be Raid Officers, Recruitment Officers, Class Officers, etc. These will displayed in the forum.

High Commander - These are core members who actively take part in the guild. They have shown commitment to the guild, have extensive knowledge of class/professions, some will also be the guilds expert in their area. They are people we look to as Warlords to come. The full list of experts will be on the forum.

Knight Marshall - Knights that have proven their knowledge and take a more active role within the guild.

Knight - The majority of the guild will be here when they hit level 85. "Knights" get to enjoy the guild as they like it. we would look to "Knight's" to help the guild out in any way and look to promote them to "Knight Marshall".

Squire - A person new to the guild, after 2 weeks of actively playing within the guild they will be promoted to "Squire's" if the Officers agree that they are worthy

Peasant - If anyone is going to be away for some time (more than 2 weeks) or can no longer participle for one reason or another they will be moved to the rank of Peasant - on their return they will be moved back to their original rank.

Alt - Any alternative character who isnt your main will be put in this rank - if you would like to change an Alt to a replace your other rank please speak to one of the Warlords.

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